What colors your collar?

by John Wayne's Teeth

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Written and partially recorded by Ben in the North Country. Produced and further recordings done with Alex in L.A.

Album cover is Rainey Bethea and found at:http://blaaargh.org/post/18471557903/rainey-bethea-last-public-execution-in-the-united


released May 22, 2015

Alex and Ben



all rights reserved


John Wayne's Teeth Lancaster, New Hampshire

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Track Name: An ode to the people
To those on the needle
to the people on the pipe,
for those folks who need a beer for breakfast
to get them feeling right,
to the cops who lock them up at night
to keep them from the sight
of the pious who go to church every Sunday
to pray away their plight,

to all those successful people
earning a decent wage

lucky to pay their bills on time
and the flunkies on the dole,
to those who can count their blessings
and to those stuck in the hole,
to the shovels and picks that got them there
to those who cheer them on
yelling for them to keep, keep digging
keep up the fight

to all those successful people
living a life free of rage,

this song's for you all you people
thank you, thank you.
Track Name: On Middle Street
Tryinta not get my fix
but the stores are all open.
He sits in house across the street to the left.
He sees us before we see him.
Answers a call once we're there.
Delivers it next to the mailbox
near the dumpster beside the Jeep,
gray like the weather for sale this week,
all times of day,
just call to see.

You should see em run
when the window comes down
near the park on Middle Street.

The fox feeds first
the hen before
the final feed.
Track Name: Josie
Crinkled step, autumn falls,
under my feet my shadow,
to the south sky, river and its fluid.
The leaves are the people
I stepped on in my pursuit.
Still don't know what made me do it.

And Josie buys
another round after all this he tries
to put it on a tab he calls life.

Josie, bit by fleas,
nose red, dribbling,
still dressed in last week's dungarees.

And I stand outside
sorting smoke from desire,
the dead leaves, the people, and the river.

Overflow your banks soon.
It happens every other June.
Josie gets a notion
and he up and calls it quits.

Summer will find a way to fall
people whom I never call
as they unravel as leaves in my shadow.
Track Name: With benefits
Hey there, I see you there,
come here and listen.
See, I come from the company.
They we need men just like you.
I've got this hammer.
Here come grab it.
Take this, take this shovel.
See, we diggin a hole down here.
Take that dirt and throw it right here.
Don't worry bout them bills,
the company pays them.
Don't worry about the eggs or gravy.
You're working for the company.
Take this bar. Take this shovel.
Here's a pick and here's a hammer.
Move that dirt. Move that dirt.
It's all that matters.
Don't worry bout your family now.
You're working for the company now.
Don't worry.
You're working for the Goddamned company.
Track Name: Inherited place
Old Albert, he lives just down the street.
He never closes his door.
Old Albert never complains about the heat,
complains just the same of the cold.

Some windows are patched with scotch tape,
stairs are all gone except for cinder blocks.
Inherited the place from some dead aunt.
I heard he never met her before.

Old Albert, he lives just down the street.
Ain't never seen him work before.

Then one day Old Albert closed his door.
Some say screams came from inside.
No one ever knocked on Old Albert's front door.
The next day it was open again wide.

Then Old Albert was seen mowing grass,
was seen on a ladder I'm told,
hoisting up a new pane of glass,
mixing mud for steps made of stone.
Track Name: Pedigree pedagogy spree
The crumbles struggle to break the fast
and the no dance dream tremor screams the last of out sorrows.
Flutter sprinkle gut to fight the cold.
Stutter fits and borrowed sugar from our neighbors
who live in gray squares,
white boxes built to shore away their wealth.
They tell me to go around the back.
Someone might see the sea part and heavens.
What would they think of me standing there.

Pedigree pedagogy spree
hammer it home for me.